All Betty’s Best horse products have been designed to offer multipurpose functionality and full comfort for the horse. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed!

Among them, the StripHair hairdressing line is a magnificent example. Its patented StripHair Gentle Groomer multipurpose brush is designed for daily and year-round use. With it you will effectively and easily remove all loose hair and at the same time provide natural benefits for the horse’s body and mind. StripHair Gentle Groomer, made in the USA to last, will keep your horse’s muscles happy and healthy.


· No blades

· No scratching

· Free of risks and hassles

· Cleanses the skin and gives shine to the hair

· Distributes natural oils

· Increases circulation

· Sanitary and easy to clean

· Also for saddle pads and blankets


The therapeutic impact of StripHair Gentle Groomer, seen with a thermographer:

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