Always strive to find the perfect fit between rider and horse.

Let your horse and saddle get checked by a certified saddle fitter.

When to call a saddle fitter?

A certified Saddle Fitter is able to determine whether there’s a right fit between saddle, horse and rider.

Your horse is your partner & friend. As they aren’t able to speak in words it’s sometimes difficult to determine what to do to optimize their performance level. If you listen carefully to your horse you’ll prevent them from having pain or discomfort while being ridden.

Problems caused by an ill-fitting saddle can be expressed by horses through 3 types of issues. Let your horse and saddle get checked out by a qualified saddle fitter if any of the below mentioned problems occur!


Physical problems

- White hairs
- Muscles atrophy
- Swellings (hard and soft)
- Scar tissue
- Hypertrophy
- Open wounds
- Pressure spots
- Lost hair on skin and pain

Behavioral problems

- Biting or getting angry towards the saddle or girth
- Running away/ not standing still while mounting
- Biting towards the saddle or your leg
- Difficulties while shoeing the back
- Not able to roll over in the paddock
- Restless in the box
- Biting on the bit or acting nervous
- Unhappy facial expression
- Flat ears

Training related problems

- Bucking or rearing
- Difficulties with collecting or lateral bending
- Concentration problems
- Running or bolting off
- Lameness or stiffness
- Difficulties walking in a straight line/ following its track

Many behavior or training issues are caused by poor saddle fit/ design!

Why should I call a saddle fitter?

  1. To check the state of your current saddle
  2. To evaluate the current body development of your horse
  3. To determine the optimal circumstances for horse and rider before training

A saddle fitter is able to make minor adjustments if necessary to ensure a better fit or to advise you what to look for in a future saddle

What is included in a Saddle Fitting Consultation?

1) Anamnesis (health history of the horse, general information about the rider, and stable management)
2) Conformation and visual abnormalities of the horse will be described
3) Palpation soft and hard (global investigation of the back of the horse’s sensitivity and soreness).
4) Measuring dimension (weight, height and health score)
5) Make templates of the horse’s back with a variety of tools. (Flex- curve and Harmony Sensor pad)
6) Showing the horse in walk and trot on the straight line on hard surface to understand his moving mechanism.
7) Investigation of the currently used saddle
8) Conclusion and feedback on the current situation
9) Saddle fitting advice
10) Fitting different models test saddles on the static and dynamic horse.

I give feedback and advice throughout the session, all questions and doubts can be asked. My approach is transparent, at the end of the consultation the client obtained a broader insight into saddle fitting and what to look for in a saddle.

We need a dry and safe place to work, with enough light to be able to investigate your horse and the saddles. Calculate approximately 1,5 to 2 hours for the first consultation and in case a new saddle is purchased it should be checked on overall fit again within 12 weeks after purchase or 20 hours of intensive workout. Because the wool filling will position itself and therefore the balance could be slightly changed.

We advice to let a certified Saddle Fitter check out your saddle and the horse’s back at least 1 time a year, and in case you have a young horse we prefer to check at least 2 times a year, to prevent riding with an ill-fitting saddle and to make sure you don’t harm the horse’s back. Better safe than sorry.

Estride Harmony Sensor Pad

Estride™ Harmony is a pressure sensing mat specifically designed to measure the pressure exerted by saddle and rider on horses’ back. It has been scientifically designed to give you most accurate analysis of saddle fit by using 920 pressure sensors and data capture frequency as fast as 200 milliseconds when ridden. It can be used to check saddle fit or analyse riding technique .

Harmony provides real-time (record mode) data with riding data recording frequency of 5Hz. It can gather pressure data through all paces. Indepth analysis of your riding technique vs impact on the your horses’ stride. Harmony detects any pressure from rider, saddle or saddle pad and it’d impacts on the horse.

  • Multi-point automated saddle check
  • Rider Balance
  • Saddle Fit

Visit Estride™ Harmony’s website

Consultation Pricelist

NOTE: VAT/ IVA = all prices are exclusive IVA.

Saddle fitting consult (per horse)

€ 90,-

Any additional horses (of the same owner at the same location) will be charged € 70,- per consultation (on the same day).

Add flocking (at consultation location)

€ 30,-

Additional service following a consultation. Saddle fit has been determined and flocking needs to be added/ removed or changed according to the shape of the horse’s back. Saddle can get adjusted to the horse’s muscle development to assure a correct fit.

Saddle fitting & Estride Harmony consult (per horse)

€ 120,-

Assessing the static and dynamic saddle fit of horse and rider by using the Estride Harmony sensor pad in real time and recording setting.
Any additional horses (of the same owner at the same location) will be charged € 110,- per consultation (on the same day).

Renting a saddle (after 7days trial period has ended)

€ 100,- p. month

Offered service if a horse needs time to recover of poor muscle development before a saddle can be made on the measure or while a new saddle is being manufactured.
Sending costs of the rental saddle are for the customer.

NOTE: Cancellation of an appointment within 24hours beforehand, 50% of the consultation price will be charged.

Travel Costs

Starting location Alzira, Spain
0 - 25km
25 - 50km
50 - 100km
100 - 150km
150 - 200km
200 - 250km
250 - 300km