Comfortable, high quality and on the measure

TIBO Saddles

A saddle that is comfortable, made of high quality material and which is on the measure for horse and rider are our key focus in achieving an optimal fit @TIBO equestrian 

The ability to change and adjust to the growth of horse and rider is important. At TIBO equestrian we carefully listen to both to understand what is required and needed to built the saddle that fits. 

Through working closely together with a professional team such as chiropractors / veterinarians / vet. farriers / vet. equine dentists, riders and riding instructors we can distinguish which care is needed in order for the combination to improve.

TIBO saddles are on the market since 2018, they have been carefully designed and developed. We focus on using only materials from or made in EU to assure the highest quality. We support the EU employment by manufacturing in the European union. A skilled team of saddlers with over 80 years of experience manufacture our saddles and bridles against fair wages and labour hours.

We take the environment into consideration by intending to keep logistic lines short. We are conscience of the waste produced in the process, therefore we try to use as much as possible naturally tanned leather.

TIBO Saddles’ features

Saddle tree made out of:

  • fiber glass
  • flexible pvc

Monoflap for close contact feeling and ride with more subtle aids

Girthing system: 1 front straps and a V strap at the rear panel

Wide saddle channel:

  • soft and wider panels create a bigger weight bearing surface for the riders weight distribution

Top quality Italian leather. Available in various colors

Sprenger hooks for stirrup bars

Fully customized and personalized upon desires of the client and needs of the horse

Jumping Saddles



Lady Gaea



Dressage Saddles



Icarus (V)

Maximus (U)

Jumping Junior Saddles



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  • Try a saddle : There are various models and types available to test. During a saddle fitting consultation trying different saddles is included.
  • One week free trial: if you have found a suitable saddle you can try this saddle for 7 days. Should you need more time, please contact us before your 7 day free trial period is up to extent the period into a renting period.

To return the saddle to us, please use our sending box and make sure that the saddle is free of any damage and dirt.

If we receive the saddle in a condition other than that in which it was sent to you, we do reserve the right to charge a depreciation value to your deposit. So please take good care of the saddle while it is in your possession. 

*Note that the shipment costs (to and from) are payed by the customer. 

  • Re – check after purchase: Only new saddles get a free re-check after purchase, this is normally done between 3 months to 6 months after delivery date depending on the intensity of workout.

TIBO Saddles (from clients)