Finding the right fit for horse and rider challenges me daily

Horses are my passion

As long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about horses. The well-being of these noble beautiful creatures is my highest priority. A partnership built on trust, where the horse and rider become one, in a soft, smooth and natural way. 

After many years living and working with horses we’ve experienced a lot! The circumstances under which horses are ridden and performing in can still be improved especially when it comes to horse tack. Nowadays more scientific studies are being done and knowledge is gained. Riders are more aware of the importance of good fitting tack.

We proudly work together with a team of very experienced specialist:

-Mario Soriano: Quiroprática y Osteopatiá Veterinaria

-Antonio Cruz: Acvs Ecvs Acvsmr Veterinaria

-Miguel Paricio: Equine Podiatry Veterinaria

-Sergio Soler: Odontoligia Equino Veterinaria

-Luis Quilis: Entrenador y Jinete de Doma Clasica

Working together gives us the ability to find the missing link faster in a combination, so we can keep growing and developing to their maximum potential.

The education: Master Saddle Fitting Consultant gave me the opportunity to learn and obtain knowledge about the synergy and harmony of a rider/horse combination. With more years of experience in the field it keep fascinating me to find the way how to help and improve the combination. 

Do you want to be sure that your saddle, bit or bridle is the right gear for your horse to perform in? 

Finding the balance between top sport and horse’s well-being keeps challenging me

Together with my life partner (International 5* showjumper, coach and very knowledgeable horseman) we lived 4 years in Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE. Training and riding in competitions like The Arab League, Longines Tour and GCT.

In 2011 we moved to Morocco (Casablanca area) and we built our company TIBO Equestrian (2013). 

In 2017 we decided to locate ourselves in Spain and build our own facilities from scratch. We’ve built our paradise in Alzira, Valencia, Spain.

A horse paradise on 8 hectares with 16 horseboxes, individual outdoor paddocks connected to the boxes. 2 riding arena’s 30x60m silica with micro fibers, a lunging circle, a canter track and most importantly grass meadows and many paddocks for our horses!

Our facilities is open for clients to come with their own horse(s) and have a saddle – bit – bridle advice at our location in Alzira.