Finding the right fit for horse and rider challenges me daily

Master Saddle Fitting Consultant

Horses are my passion

My name is Liesbeth, a passionate horse person since I was a little girl. Horses and their well being have always been very important to me. I used to dream about building a partnership with a horse where pain doesn’t exist and gymnastic exercises are freely offered, so horses and riders have fun together. 

In reality, after many years into horses, of which over 15 years in the professional horse sport, I’ve seen a lot. Many horses pleasing their riders under less desirable circumstances, performing on a high level in ill fitting tack. 

When I had the opportunity to learn more about saddle fitting on a dynamic moving horse, I quickly decided to enroll as a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant. The education has enlarged my knowledge on saddles and their fit in combination with the rider, and with this years of experience, I can determine quickly where and what should and can be changed to obtain more synergy.

Do you want to be sure that your saddle, bit or bridle isn’t hurting your horse? 

Finding the balance between top sport and horse’s well-being keeps challenging me

The moment I turned 18, I bought my own horse, and our journey is still growing strong ever since and through him I learned to listen and understand horses more and more. I started with my young horse from a natural horsemanship approach. We focused on connection and communication, riding bitless and bareback, and understanding body language and horse expressions.

In 2008 I decided I wanted to learn the real deal and left to Spain to work on a gigantic horse breeding farm, not knowing I wasn’t going to come back ever! From this moment onward my horse career got more professional and I started to get eager to always learn more.

Together with my life partner (an International ***** showjumper, coach and very knowledgeable horseman) we lived 4 years in Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE. Training and riding in competitions like The Arab League, Longines Tour and GCT. After this period we moved to Morocco and we began to build our own business; TIBO Equestrian (2013).

In 2017 we decided we wanted to locate ourselves in Spain and build up our own facilities from scratch. Now 2020 we’ve built our own paradise in Alzira, Spain. A stable area with 10 horseboxes, with individual outdoor paddocks connected to the stalls. An arena 30x60m silica with micro fibres and most importantly grass meadows and paddocks for the horses in Spain!

Our facilities at TIBO Equestrian are always open for clients to come with their own horse(s) and have a consultation at our location in Alzira.