It has been scientifically designed to perform a more precise analysis of the fit of the mount through the use of 920 pressure sensors, the data is obtained in 200 milliseconds while the rider is mounted.

The Estride ™ Harmony can be used to check the fit of the saddle and also to analyze the rider’s driving technique. As you ride, the Estride ™ Harmony provides and counts all 5 Hz frequency data, analyzing the impact on the horse during its work. In this way, it detects if there is an abnormal pressure when riding and informs us of how it would affect the horse.

With that information, a technician can make minor adjustments if necessary to ensure a better fit or advise you on what to consider when purchasing a future saddle.

Perform an automated multipoint check of your saddle. It includes:

– Study of the balance of the rider

– Saddle adjustment


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