Terms and Conditions


Delivery and payment terms

These delivery and payment conditions are part of the General Conditions of:

TIBO Equestrian, Poligono 27, parcela 5, partida fraca, 46600, Alzira, Spain. +34682521260. tiboequestrian@gmail.com. VAT: B98949233


A personally tailored saddle will be delivered within 8 weeks after the fitting date (with the exception of holiday periods, in which case the term can be longer), unless otherwise discussed between the client and TIBO Equestrian. An appointment with date and time of delivery will be made by e-mail or telephone. In case of delay of delivery, reported by the customer, due to illness of the horse or rider, TIBO Equestrian will ask for a deposit of 50% of the purchase amount.

The saddle will be delivered properly fitting by TIBO Equestrian.

Appropriate advice for maintenance will be given on site.

However, TIBO Equestrian cannot guarantee a permanent fit. A horse’s back can change due to all kinds of circumstances. TIBO Equestrian advises clients to have the saddle checked once a year.


The flocking will settle down naturally and requires re-balancing. On purchasing a new saddle it is recommended to be checked and re-balanced after approximately 12 weeks dependent upon the use of saddle.

The best saddle fit has been done to your (old or new) saddle on your horse. However, the flocking on your new saddle will settle as your horse can change over time. The season, age, training method, injuries, change in environment; eg livery yard/stabling, feeding regime, medication may be of substantial influence to the day to day well-being of your horse. That is why we advise that you check your horse yourself regularly for pain, discomfort and weight, and to have your saddle fit checked periodically. We recommend having the saddle fit checked once a year. This can help you and your horse ride in comfort and with confidence.

If you choose to use a different saddle on your horse, or use the saddle which was sold by TIBO Equestrian on another horse (without it being checked by us) we accept no responsibility for any subsequent issues which may arise.

Please note that if you fail to observe the recommendations and advice given at the time of the original fitting of a new saddle /re-flocking of a new saddle /flocking of an existing saddle, we cannot be held responsible for any issues which consequently arise concerning any injuries or issues to the horse, saddle, rider or third parties.

Temporary provision of saddle (in extreme exception)

If TIBO Equestrian provides a saddle to replace a saddle that is taken into repair, to bridge the period until the delivery of a sold saddle, or otherwise, this will be done either on loan or under rental, such as by TIBO Equestrian to be determined when making that available. Ownership of the rental saddle remains with TIBO Equestrian. To this end, an agreement is drawn up and signed by the client and TIBO Equestrian.

The saddle is made available for the period up to the delivery of the saddle sold by TIBO Equestrian or the return of the repaired saddle, unless stipulated otherwise at the time of making available, without prejudice to the provisions below.

TIBO Equestrian is in all cases entitled at all times to terminate the provision without stating reasons.

The person to whom the saddle is made available is liable for all damage to, and loss or theft of, the saddle, all this as stated in the rental / loan agreement.

Upon termination of the availability, the saddle must be returned to TIBO Equestrian without delay, in the condition it was in at the time it was made available. If TIBO Equestrian has received a deposit when it is made available, this must be repaid at the same time as the saddle is returned, after deduction of the amount by TIBO Equestrian for the damage caused to the saddle during the availability. Damage is also understood to mean the costs of returning the saddle to the condition it was in when it was made available, regardless of whether that condition was better or worse.

The person to whom the saddle was made available is not authorized to give the saddle to a third party for use.

If the saddle falls out of control of the person to whom it was made available, the latter must immediately notify TIBO Equestrian.

If no damage description of the saddle has been drawn up between the parties, the saddle will be deemed to have been made available in an undamaged condition.

All the aforementioned provisions also apply to goods other than saddles if temporarily made available by TIBO Equestrian.

It is possible to rent a saddle from TIBO Equestrian. It is determined by TIBO Equestrian whether the client is eligible for this. Specific conditions apply to rental saddles, which may differ per person and situation.


The client must report problems with regard to fit and manufacturing defects within 2 weeks after delivery. These then fall under the warranty period. If the client has complained within 2 weeks and TIBO Equestrian agrees with the complaint, 90% of the purchase amount will be refunded and the saddle taken back. The 10% pr production deposit is non-refundable.

If the client complains within 3 months and TIBO Equestrian acknowledges that the product does not meet the requirements set by the client and TIBO Equestrian, the depreciation percentage of 20% applies. (Please note, this only applies to the saddle, not to its accessories. These are not taken back.)

Death of the horse is not a reason for TIBO Equestrian to take back the saddle and refund the purchase price.

TIBO Equestrian is not liable for costs incurred by veterinarians, farriers and other therapists.

The above provisions and terms do not apply to second-hand saddles and show models.


Repair costs are not charged for faults in the product recognized by TIBO Equestrian. The condition is that the saddle and / or accessories are delivered to TIBO Equestrian. If the client wants the saddle to be collected and / or delivered or repaired on the spot, a call-out charge will be charged.

Travel and shipping costs are borne by the customer and are therefore not covered by the warranty.

The warranty on the saddle tree is 4 years.

The warranty on the leather is 2 years.

Wear due to poor maintenance or wear is not covered by the warranty.


In respect of saddles sold and fitted by TIBO Equestrian the following shall apply:

  • In the case of any issue relating to the fit or fitting occurring within 30 days of purchase saddle fitting shall be reassessed free of charge. 
  • If it is deemed that the original fitting was incorrect (not as a result of subsequent use of the saddle or change in shape or condition of the horse or pony as a result of feed, training, age, change of regime, premises where the horse is kept etc), then the saddle will be refitted free of charge or a new freshly fitted saddle provided (subject to any refund or additional payment in respect of the difference in the purchase price of each saddle) or the purchase price will be refunded in full.

If a purchaser wishes to return a saddle for any other reason than manufacturing fault or ill fitting (see above) this is entirely at the discretion of TIBO Equestrian. The saddle may be returned subject to a return of the original purchase price less an appropriate sum deducted in respect of use, its condition and length of time since the original purchase. Always please contact TIBO Equestrian in the first instance if you have any questions or concerns.


Payments can be made by bank transfer,Paypal payments, bizum or cash.

Payment must then be credited to the account of TIBO Equestrian one day before delivery of the saddle, otherwise paid cash upon delivery.

Terms and Conditions

Validity of these conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered into by TIBO Equestrian located in Alzira.

The assignment (direct delivery) or order by the client constitutes acceptance of these general terms and conditions.

Special provisions deviating from these general terms and conditions are only binding if they have been agreed in writing.


Saddles are measured at the customer’s stable by TIBO Equestrian, Liesbeth Borgers. If necessary, the client can come to our facilities in Alzira.

When measuring a saddle we always ask for a deposit of 10% of the total amount of the saddle to start the production process, for this 10% no refund is possible.


All agreements are always concluded on the basis of prices applicable at the time of conclusion.

Cancellation / return

If after fitting the order is canceled and the saddle has already been made but not yet delivered, the 10% deposit will not be refunded.

Changes to the assignment

Changes to the original order, of whatever nature, made in writing, orally by or on behalf of the client, that cause higher costs than could be expected in the quotation, will be charged additionally by the client. This applies to changes just before or after delivery, unless otherwise agreed with TIBO Equestrian.


TIBO Equestrian is not liable for costs, damages and interest that may arise as a direct or indirect result of:

  1. A)Actions or omissions of the client, his subordinates, or other persons employed by or on behalf of him.
  2. B)For injuries to horses in any form. Costs of veterinarians and therapists cannot be recovered from TIBO Equestrian.

C) In the performance of an assignment, TIBO Equestrian is only liable, insofar as its insurance covers this, for damage caused by its fault or attributable to it to the property of the client of those who have been put to work by it on the work (s) dedicated to him.


The Client is obliged to inspect the work or the goods thoroughly for defects immediately after delivery or completion, and to notify TIBO Equestrian in writing immediately in the presence thereof.

If the client has not indicated defects within fourteen days after the day of delivery or completion, the client will be deemed to agree with the delivered goods and any right to complain will lapse.

TIBO Equestrian must be given the opportunity to check submitted complaints. Upon agreement, a written statement will be drawn up which must be signed by both parties.

TIBO Equestrian guarantees the fit of goods supplied, corrected and repaired, especially saddles, exclusively at the time of their delivery. TIBO Equestrian excludes any liability for subsequent deterioration of that fit, in particular deterioration as a result of changes in the horse’s back.

Force of the majority

In the event that TIBO Equestrian is unable to (fully) fulfill its obligations under an agreement entered into with the client as a result of force of the majority, TIBO Equestrian is entitled to cancel the agreement or to suspend or amend it until the force of the majority has ended, and the client remains obliged to pay for any performances delivered.

Retention of title

As long as TIBO Equestrian has not received full payment for the goods delivered by it, the delivered goods remain the property of TIBO Equestrian.

TIBO Equestrian has the right to reclaim these goods and to take possession of them if the negligent client does not fulfill his obligations, if he liquidates, applies for or has obtained suspension of payment, is declared bankrupt or if the goods are seized.

All acts of disposal with regard to the sold and delivered goods are prohibited for the client, as long as he has not fully complied with his payment obligation.


Spanish law is applicable to all agreements with TIBO Equestrian. Only the judge in the place of business of TIBO Equestrian has jurisdiction to hear disputes.