TIBO saddles are top quality saddles, customized and personalized to clients desires.

TIBO Saddles manufactory

TIBO saddles are manufactured by an established saddlery company which has been making saddles for over 50 years. They have a team of very experienced saddlers and only the best materials are used.

TIBO Saddles come with 4 years of warranty on manufacture errors/ defects and 2 years warranty on the leather.

Most of TIBO saddles are bespoke orders and customized according to each client but sometimes small repairs or changes have to be made.

From my workplace (Alzira), I offer small leather repair services to your TIBO saddle or any other brand. For more precise inquiries, please contact me directly.

When should I repair my saddle?

From my workplace in Alzira, I offer a repair service for small reparations on your saddle/ bridle or other related horse tack. 

Service includes for example: 

  • Change of billet straps (girth straps) 
  • Small stitching repairs
  • Adding missing pins or nails
  • Re-flock saddle with sheep wool 
  • Nourish and recover spots on leather
  • Dye /color leather (for example : in case that the sun bleached the color)
  • And more other creative leather works

Saddle Repair Pricelist

NOTE: VAT/ IVA = all prices are exclusive IVA.

Change girth straps / billets.   

– € 60,- (jumping = short)*

– € 80,- (dressage = long )*

– often hidden inside of the panel in case of monoflap saddles)

*always done in pairs

Repair on the saddle

€ 30,-

Basic small repairs on a saddle (not brand specific, any type/model saddle) for example : loose stitches / small leather repairs / replacement of missing or broken studs or pins, etc.

Add flocking with sheep wool.

€ 30,-

Saddle fit has been determined (consultation) and flocking needs to be added/ removed or changed according to the shape of the horse’s back. Saddle can get adjusted to the horse’s muscle development to assure a correct fit. - at clients location or at TIBO Equestrian workplace.

Fully re-flocking with sheep wool

€ 200,-

Wool filling needs to be revived, therefore panels will be emptied completely and fully re-filled - at TIBO Equestrian workplace.

C-N-D Treatment (Clean / Nourish / Dye saddle leather)

€ 80,-

Intense leather restoration service. The leather will be thoroughly cleaned, nourished from top to bottom and brought back to its original colour. Your saddle as good as new!

Travel Costs

Starting location Alzira, Spain
0 - 25km
25 - 50km
50 - 100km
100 - 150km
150 - 200km
200 - 250km
250 - 300km

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