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We made from our passion our work and we are everyday grateful for this.

We are looking forward to many more wonderful experiences because you’re never done learning from horses!

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Joaquin & Liesbeth

We offer a wide array of services aimed at...

We make your saddle in an artisan and personalized way
Each horse has a different mouth, so their need a personalized bit
We work with the best internationals brands


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Customized saddle fitting for you and your horse

We produce TIBO saddles that fit the back of the horse perfectly and as well the rider.

We offer:

  • Master Saddle Fitting Consult
  • Qualified bit fitting consult
  • TIBO saddles and bridles
  • Distribution of international brands
  • Training /coaching for horse and rider

Qualified Bit Fitting Consultation

At TIBO Equestrian we offer to our clients an adapted bit, tailored to their horse’s needs.

During a consultation I check the following:

Horse, conformation, head, muscle development, symmetry of the horse head and body, anatomy of the mouth, balance of the teeth and molars, anything extraordinary/ asymmetries, palpation, current bit and bridle, test trial different bits.

We are partners of international brands

  • Neue Schule Bits
  • Bombers Blue Bits
  • Lemieux
  • Acavallo
  • Techstirrups
  • Striphair, Gentle Groomer
  • Equivisor helmet sun protector
  • Hippo Safety Fence
  • Estride
  • Covaza

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