Spanish Championship of young horses. The last weekend of September we went to the Spanish championship for young horses.

We have been training hard for the last 6 months to improve our overall level as well as the dressage test. My young horse Icarus (Anglo Arab X Lusitano bloodline) gets excited quickly and loses lateral flexibility. We (my coach Luis and I) have been working hard to get more stability in contact and keep turning laterally. During the days leading up to the competition, the preparation everything was calm and quiet. Icaro showed that he is developing into a good balanced young horse.

On the first day of the test I can only blame myself for not driving like I can at home. I froze and unintentionally just passed the moment. We did the test but I was not really present.

The second day I grabbed myself together and tried to ride like at home. Unfortunately, we had a mistake on the canter pirouette to the right and he made a quick flying change. It confused me and then I forgot where to go! But without the points deducted for going wrong, we rode 63.1%, with which I am very satisfied!

Overall, a very nice weekend, great organization and atmosphere. I met lovely people around me and really enjoyed myself! We are looking forward to continue training and progressing.