Bit & Bridle Fitting Consultation

By learning more about the horse’s head, horse anatomy, dental problems and biomechanics, the connection with many training and behavioural problems is easily made. Certain dental issues can create misalignment in the whole spine of a horse. The bit fitting education was an enrichment on the saddle fitting knowledge I already had. It makes bit and saddle fitting issues inseparable.

Get a more comfortable ride

When should I call a bit fitter ?

  • Restless connection
  • Biting on the bit
  • Shaking his head frequently during a ride
  • Mouth corner wounds/trauma
  • Bolting off
  • A overly spooky horse
  • A horse that does not run smoothly through its body
  • Throws its tongue over the bit
  • A horse that hangs his tongue outside of his mouth
  • A horse that keeps its mouth open while riding

The choices in bits nowadays

Types and Materials

Various types of bits like: a two jointed snaffle, a double jointed snaffle, a mullen mouthpiece (one piece), straight bar, ported, twisted or a waterford in combination with different cheek-pieces like: a loose ring, fixed cheek, eggbutt, kimberly-D ring or a balding offer many posibilities to get your horse comfortable on the bit resulting in a smoother ride.

Bits come in a variety of materials:

  • Stainless steel is the best known.
  • Argentan and Aurigan contains a lot of copper. There are horses who clearly prefer this. The copper in these bits gives a sweetness effect on the palate, which makes some horses like to nibble on the bit and produce saliva.
  • Salox is pleasant for many horses.
  • Sweet-iron bits have grown in popularity.
  • Plastic and rubber bits.

Only the best brands and materials

How does a bit fitting consultation look like ?

A properly fitted bit, doesn’t just include the right size and length. The anatomy of the mouth should be thoroughly checked and it’s important to understand that sometimes a qualified horse dentist should come before we can actually start fitting bits.

During a consultation I check 3 main areas thoroughly:

  • The anatomy of the horse’s head/mouth and lips as well as trauma and asymmetries and dental issues
  • The current used bridle and bit
  • Test riding with various bits selected from a wide variety of options after the previous done checks

By analyzing and listening to the horse’s story we can score out a lot of types of bits before we start riding. Sometimes we can also state that the bridle could be improved by changing a certain piece on the bridle; like a different shape of head piece or a different noseband. Sometimes by changing the how the bit is hanging in the mouth already makes a big difference.

When we start the ride test, we put the last puzzle pieces in place. Either we have an increased comfort between horse and rider, or we conclude that the missing piece was in the bridle, in the saddle or related to another issue.

The case history of the client will be noted down on an extensive Bit Fitting sheet and, if requested, emailed to the client for later purposes.

Costs & prices

It will approximately take 1 to 1,5 hour to fulfill a complete bit fitting session.

Snaffle bridle consultation


Double bridle consultation


If you have more than one horse, we offer a 10€ discount in the consultation in each aditional horse.

Price range of the bits: In case you like the bits we used in the consultation you can directly purchase them from me. The prices vary from €55,- and up for a snaffle or bridoon bit and the prices for a weymouth or pelham vary from € 160,- and up.

Besides the bit fitting consultation, I offer a range of top quality anatomical bridle pieces. These bridle pieces are designed by myself and can be bought as a complete bridle or as a loose piece.

The prices starts from €195,- for a complete on the measure snaffle bridle, reins included. The price for an on the measure double bridle (weymouth and bridoon) start from €240,- reins included. It is also possible to buy a loose bridle piece if required. All bridle pieces are fabricated in Europe and made of top Italian leather.

Renting a bit

There is a possibility to rent a bit for a temporary time. The price of the renting will be approximately 5% of the new value of the chosen bit per week.

Trying a bit after purchase

After you purchased a bit you can test ride it for 7 days free of charge. After one week you either decided to keep the bit, or to continue test ride the bit against the renting tarif of 5% of the new value of the bit. Or in case you are not 100% satisfied you can return the bit (postage costs will be on charge of the client).

Travel Costs (Starting location Alzira, Spain)

0 - 25km
25 - 50km
50 - 100km
100 - 150km
150 - 200km
200 - 250km
250 - 300km

VAT: all prices are inclusive of VAT. Cancellation of appointment: in case an consultation appointment is being canceled in less than 24hours before the planned consultation, 50% of the consultation price will be charged.